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Balneo-Peat is not only used for beautifying the skin/complexion, but also to aid in a multitude of ailments from mobility issues, Inflammation, cyst shrinkage, arthritis, muscle loss and pain to post surgery recovery in sport medicine. Its actions are thermo-physical, biochemical, anti-aging, anti-inflamatory, and a natural antibiotic. Balneo-Peat is also a strong natural detoxifier, because of its chelatic properties. Infused with Young Living Organic Therapeutic Essential Oils you will find relief and cyst shrinkage after the first sitz bath.


Bartholin Cyst Peat Sitz Bath

  • Use 2-4 ounces in very warm but NOT scolding hot distilled water. Sit in the Sitz Bath for 15-20 minutes. lightly pat dry or allow to air dry. 
    Use two - three times a day. 
    Optional use Bartholin Cyst Ointment once dry.

  • Distilled water, Balneo-Peat, glycerin, epson salt, cypress oil, lavender oil, frankincense oil, helichrysum oil, chamomile oil, bergamot oil and Manuka Honey 24+

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